Sunday, April 02, 2006

Marketing More!

One reason businesses fail is a lack of or not enough marketing.

Instead of continuously marketing from day one, they put up a sign and expect business to come pouring in. They may also market only when they get desperate and start running out of money. Of course by that time it is usually too late.

So what can you do about this for yourself. Here are some tips,

  • Set goals- What are the goals and objectives of your business? Try to set a dollar value or number of clients in a set period of time.
  • Once you have your goals in place, write a marketing plan. As part of your plan, write a budget for your marketing. There are are enough free or minimal cost marketing ideas you can use right now. So you should not need a very large budget. Some people do not even spend a cent on marketing. They do it all by utilizing free methods.
  • Follow through and be consistent. Persistence and patience are the two most important traits to demonstrate in marketing. Marketing is all about planting little seeds. Some seeds may grow rapidly. Some may grow slowly. Some may not grow at all. The key is to keep planting tose seeds or you definitely will not reap any rewards.
Those just three tips to improve your marketing. The keys are setting goals,having a marketing plan, consistency and persistence.


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