Monday, April 03, 2006

Marketing Ideas From Your Clients

A way to solicit ideas for marketing is through your customers. Here are some ideas:

  • Hold a promotional idea contest in which your clients submit a short essay that explains how they think you can best get the word out about your business or they could submit slogans. If you can add an unusual hook to it such as asking them to give you their best wild and wacky promotional ideas. You could also have a contest called "101 Uses For My Product". The crazier the better as this could stir up some publicity about your business. Offer a prize for the best idea(s).
  • Send your clients surveys asking them for ways you could improve your product or service. If you know what your clients wants and needs are, you can focus your marketing more on those needs.
  • Big companies hold focus groups. Why not small business? Get a group of your customers together and have them tell you what they like about your business and what you could do to improve it. When you invite them offer it as a customer appreciation day and provide refreshments. Be honest with them and tell them you will be looking for some good feedback on your business that day.
You can come up with more creative ideas of your own. The main thing those is make your intentions clear that you are looking for marketing ideas from them.


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