Saturday, April 01, 2006

Evaluate Yourself and Your Marketing

In Toastmasters giving fair and honest speech evaluations is key to helping people improve their speaking skills and feel good about themselves. As a business person it is smart for you to do the same. Evaluate your marketing efforts on a regular basis to improve your skills and effectiveness.

Here are some tips to evaluate yourself and your business.

  • Look at your objectives- In Toastmasters when we evaluate speeches one thing we look at is the objectives of that particular speech. Did the speaker meet their objectives? In marketing it is wise for you to do the same. Look at your objectives and from time to time. Ask yourself: Am I meeting my marketing objectives?
  • Be honest and fair with yourself- In Toastmasters the aim is to give evaluations that are honest and fair. The criticism should always be constructive and not destructive. So be easy on yourself. If there is something in your marketing that is not working, learn from it but don't dwell on it.
  • Emphasize the positives- In Toastmasters we try to give the speaker a lot of positive feedback to help build their self esteem. At the same time we don't give a whitewash evaluation. We give an evaluation that is honest but supportive. As a business person look at what you are doing really well and give yourself a pat on the back.
  • A Challenge- Some evaluators finish their evaluations with a challenge for the speaker to push their limits on a skill such as gestures for example. You should do the same. After you have evaluated your marketing look at one area for improvement and challenge yourself to take this task head-on. This may be writing more press releases or increasing your networking activities. Be specific and set a goal that you can realistically achieve.

By evaluating your marketing efforts on a regular basis you will definitely become a more savvy marketer.


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