Monday, March 27, 2006

What is Your Vision Statement?

A vision statement is the image you see of your business over time and the contribution you will make to society in your business.

Often vision and mission statements are confused. Basically a mission statement talks about the "purpose" of your business and a vision statement talks about the "blueprint" for your business success.

So why is a vision statement important? First of all a vision statement helps you to focus your energies in your marketing towards where you want your business to be. It gives you a destination. I have also seen a vision statement prominently displayed in business or on web sites. Your customers will gain confidence that you are in this for the long haul and you have a plan when they read your vision statement.

Here is a short exercise to try before you develop your vision statement. I want you to close your eyes and imagine that your company has reached the ultimate limit of success. Think in your mind of this successful person what success looks like. How have you contributed to the betterment of your community,country and/orworld. Next I want you to feel the feelings and confidence you will have knowing you have really made a difference. The more vividly you imagine this and the more excited you get the better.

Now write down some of the things you imagined in this exercise. This will be the basis for your vision statement.

Here is an article I came across that talks more about vision statements and gives some examples.


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