Monday, March 27, 2006

Uniquely You. The Unique Selling Proposition

A unique selling proposition( USP) is a statement about what makes you different from other people with your product or service. It is what defines your target market or niche.

Often a USP is used as a companies slogan or jingle. It may be used on all marketing materials and sometimes becomes the main focus of an advertising campaign. I am sure most of you remember Wendy's " Where's the beef" and McDonald's " You deserve a break today". These are both very brief USPs.

So how do you create a USP? Ask yourself these questions.
  • What makes my business unique from my competitors?
  • What group of people am I targeting?
  • What specific problem(s) do my business address?
  • How can I solve these problems?
So basically you are looking at a specific group of people and seeking ways to solve that problem.
For example a florist who is targeting busy executives my have a USP that says " Flowers delivered to your office in 1 hour or there free." For myself writing this blog " I am just a regular guy that happens to have some first hand knowledge of marketing that I am willing to share with you the small business owner"

Here is more on unique selling propositions from

Please share your USP if you come up with one.


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