Sunday, March 12, 2006

Tips on Expanding Your Network

Networking is probably one of the most intimidating aspects of marketing for some people. Especially people like myself who are born introverts. However like myself introverts can definitely exhibit extrovert behavior with some effort. If you are already an extrovert chances are you already know and use these tips I am about to share with you. Here they are

  • Use your ready made network which includes family friends, doctor, lawyer and other people you do business with.
  • Let these people know what you are up to in your business and how they can help. You may be starting a business or looking for more clients.
  • Ask each person if they can refer you three others.
  • If appropriate to your field offer an incentive or finders fee. For example as a massage therapist it is considered unethical in the province of Ontario to do this.
  • Meet with professionals that are complimentary to your business and share what it is you do with them.
  • If you receive a referral, follow-up with them in twenty four hours.
  • Give referrals to people you would like to receive referrals from or you have received referrals from.
  • Expand your group of friends and contacts by joining clubs such as Toastmasters or getting involved in groups at your church. These have both been a source of clients and referrals for me in the past
  • Create a one page handout you can give to potential referrers. This could be a FAQ sheet to prompt them on common questions they might receive from other people on your business.
So there are some ideas to expand your network. I would love to see some more ideas you have in the comments section. Now get out and talk up your business.


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