Sunday, March 26, 2006

Have A Memorable Story

I am sure just about everyone knows the rags to riches story of the founders of Ben and Jerry's. This is it in a nutshell if you have not heard it. Two college buddies who are below average students decide they want to start a business. They find and take a correspondence course on ice cream making. They become multi millionaires through excellent publicity and PR marketing.
Of course there is more to it than that. It is a very entertaining and memorable story that they even have a short film about on the Ben and Jerry's factory tour in Vermont.

Do you have an entertaining or memorable story you can share about yourself and your business? The key is to use your story anywhere you can. Use it on your flyers, website and on the wall of your business. You could even have a condensed version on the back of your business card.

Your story could be in a timeline format starting from day one of your business. Also use humour and list notable achievements in your story.

So tell them your story. You definitely will become more memorable.


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