Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Get on Televison By Answering the Phone

About four months ago I volunteered as a operator at WPBS Watertown, New York. This was to support their membership drive. I would answer phones and collect information for pledges to the station.

Where the marketing opportunity came in here was that in return the station gave Toastmasters(which I am a member of) some airtime during a pledge break to ask a few questions about the organization and they also broadcast how people could reach us. Also Toastmasters was mentioned a numbers of times during pledge breaks. I only volunteered for this once, however the Toastmaster that called myself and a fellow club member down from Brockville, Ontario, Canada does this on a regular basis to promote Toastmasters in his area.

This would be a great idea for any small business owner to adopt. First find out if you have a TV station close to you that has regular member drives. Next call them and ask if they are looking for volunteers to answer phones. Chances if you have a PBS Station in your community, they do this. Finally ask them if you can get a little air time in return. At the very least they may mention your business. This kind of promotion is invaluable and only costs you your time. It is also fun and you are doing something good for a valuable community service.

Let me know if you try this idea. Good luck!


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