Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Expand Your Network With Blogging

There is an interesting article on The Marketing Diva Blog called I Love Bloggers. This article talks about blogging as a networking tool.

This is so true. Blogging allows you to send out your ideas to the world and then you receive feedback on your ideas. This begins a discussion which over time may lead to friendships and business associations. Also you can leave comments on other peoples blogs which will have the same effect.

As a new blogger I am still working on building up those relationships. Like networking in person it takes time to foster relationships. However unlike flesh and blood networking you can develop connections on the other side of the world. Furthermore some people have actually met some of these fellow bloggers in person and developed the connection further.

It is like the old saying goes "Your network only works if you work it!". I feel this phrase definitely applies. So if you haven't started a blog already consider doing it. Then post often and respond to any comments you get and leave comments for other Bloggers. Over time you will develop your network.


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