Thursday, March 23, 2006

Become a Local TV Celebrity

Have you ever wanted to be on TV? Have you had a great program idea that ties into your business?

When I was living in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada I had an idea for a program on our local community access channel. It was to start a talk show style program on Holistic health. In this program I would interview local holistic/complementary therapy practitioners in the community. My goal was to gain some recognition for not only myself as a Massage Therapist but other people in the community who were in similar fields such as chiropractic.

This is the process I went through.
  • I approached the station with my idea.
  • They had me come in for a volunteer orientation evening where they decribed what goes on behind the scenes and the positions available such as camera person or producer.
  • They had me research episode ideas. The one I submitted to them was on Reiki therapy.
  • I came in for an on air for audition.
  • They told me that they would hold on to my idea until they had volunteers to run the program. In addition to being host they wanted me to be producer of the program.

Sadly they never did get the resources together to run my program. However this is something I would like to re-explore in the future. This also illustrates the hit or miss nature of public relations and publicity marketing. I have no doubt that had I started a successful program I would have gotten a ton of great publicity that would have translated to more clients finding my services.

This is an idea that you may want to try. Some other business I have seen do this are Computer Repair shops and Home Decorators. You may consider a "How To" format or interview format.

The benefit of this idea is the free airtime you receive which I feel is far superior to paid advertising. The downside to this idea is the time commitment and work that goes into creating your own program and running it usually on a regular basis. However I think as a small business owner you already know that it takes effort and persistence to build your business. I feel the effort put into this would definitely be paid back over time.

You may not be the next Tom Cruise or Oprah Winfrey. But you may become a local celebrity in your community. People might start to say" Hey, you are that guy/girl on TV!"


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