Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Are you passionate about your business?

Having passion for your particular field of expertise is very important. In my opinion the person who can sell almost anything even if they are not passionate about it is rare.

If you are marketing a product or service you are not passionate about, you are limiting your success and quality of life. If you are in the wrong field, get out of it or at the very least seek some training formally or informally until you are ready to switch over full-time.

Some benefits to marketing a product or service that you believe in are:
  • You can be honest with people as you believe in your product. In turn people will see that honesty and learn to trust you.
  • It is a product that is more likely to succeed as you already know you have a solid product.
  • It can be fun and rewarding.
  • You don't have to worry about going to jail by ripping off people through selling get rich quick scheme. How many of these do we see on the internet?
  • You will be more motivated to keep on going even when sales may not be as brisk as you had hoped.
Here is a list of questions you need to ask yourself regarding your business:
  • Is my chosen field in tune with my values?
  • Are my marketing methods in line with my values?
  • Do I believe in my product or service?
  • Am I passionate about my product or service?
  • How can I convey this passion to others?
  • How can I create more passion in my business?
  • What are my reasons for being self employed?
You can also come up with your own questions. Do this personal inventory on a regular basis. If you have any negative responses to any of these questions you need to look at how you can turn them into a positive.

By following a passion in your work approach you will not only enjoy life more but you will increase the chances that your business will be a success.


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