Sunday, February 12, 2006

Write your Speech

Any good speech just like any good story contains the three essential elements which are an opening, body and closing. Today I am going to give you ideas about what to write in these sections of your speech.
  • The Opening- A good speech should start with a strong opening. This could be a quote or metaphor.
  • The Body- One common method in approaching the body of a speech is to have a number of points related to your topic and then elaborate on each. If you have a five minute speech you probably will not want to speak on more than three points. Any more and your audience probably will not be able to keep up or remember what you have talked about. For longer speeches adjust the number of points accordingly. Also you could still keep it to three points and spend a little more time on each. You can use metaphors, quotes or personals anecdotes to support your points is an example of using a metaphor to support a point. Recently I gave a talk on types of speeches used in the workplace. The point I was supporting was on speeches to persuade. I said to the audience "I want you to imagine you are a little mouse in a maze. At the end of the maze is a big block of cheese. You can smell the strong aroma of the cheese. You can almost taste the tanginess of the cheese and you can feel the soft texture of the cheese in your paws". I then stated that "Just like a mouse in a maze, in persuasive speeches you are helping the audience navigate the maze to arrive at your piece of cheese"
  • The Closing- Finish with a call to action or quote. You could also use a statement that ties into what you said in the opening of you speech. Just as in the opening you want the closing to be memorable. Another good thing to do in your closing is to reiterate what you talked about throughout your speech. This will help your audience remember what you have just talked about. Especially in a longer speech.
If you follow these basics you will have a well written speech. In the next article I will talk about some additional speech writing tips.


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