Thursday, February 02, 2006

Three Tips for Becoming Recognized as an Expert

To become an "expert" in a given topic you do not need to acquire a degree. Degrees are good in some cases where a given career requires it such as engineering.

Here are three tips to becoming an expert without acquiring a degree.

  1. Become an information sponge- When I wanted to learn how to market my business through public realtions and publicity marketing I read a lot of books, websites and web articles to learn the information I needed to become knowledgeable in these areas. I also joined Toastmasters.
  2. Walk the walk- Once you've acquired the knowledge you need to take action. Put a plan in place. For me that was to set a goal and then break the goal into tasks via a to do list. By practicing you will learn what works and what doesn't.
  3. Promote your ideas- Once you have acquired the knowledge and put it to practice you can tell other people your ideas through a blog, website or other method. If they find your information helpful they will consider you an expert in your area.

So as you can see becoming an expert on a topic still takes a lot of effort even if you don't go the route of getting a degree. However the knowledge and life experience you will acquire is immeasureable. Good luck future expert.


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