Sunday, February 19, 2006

Three Steps to Creating a Web presence on a "No" Budget

The task of creating a web presence can be rather intimidating if you have no prior experience. Well it is actually fairly simple once you know where to start. The best part is if you have a low to no budget to work with you can still make a name for yourself on the web. Here are three places to start.
  1. - Here you can create your own blog on your area of expertise. It is free to sign up and it is so easy to get started. It took me about ten minutes to get this site up and running. I have had some experience creating websites for myself, however I believe the set-up and maintenance of a blog on this site is so simple that even a person with basic computer skills could maneuver through the interface to maintain their blog.
  2. This is a concept that is similar to wikipedia. What you do is create a "lens". This page is on a topic that is related to your area of expertise. An added bonus is that you earn a bit of income every time someone clicks on your page. I have not tried this option yet, but have thoroughly explored the site and some of the pages on the site on topics that interest me. I do plan on making my own lens. Ah, So many things to do, so little time. This is also a free service and appears to be very easy to set up.
  3. This is the site I have used to host websites I have created in the past. You do have to create your own site in this case with your own software or sofware you can get through them. The service I used was the free hosting plan. I have been with them for five years and have not had any problems. The one thing I like about their free hosting plan is that their is no pop-up ands on your site. They do place some banner adds at the top of your page that are appropriate to the subject of your site.
There are other places on the web to explore. However these are the one I have been exposed to and like. I will provide information about other services I am exposed in my great web journey as I come across them.


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