Thursday, February 02, 2006

" Going Up" the Communication Ladder with Elevator Speeches

What is an elevator speech?

It is a brief, concise statement about you and what it is that you do. It is stated in 15 to 30 seconds. Instead of saying I am a nurse for example, you might say. I treat people how their mother would have treated them sick in bed at home. I am a nurse. A little more interesting and memorable isn't it.

How do I construct an elevator speech?

In order to construct an elevator speech you must answer these questions. What is my target market? It may be seniors or childeren. In my case it would be people like you who are seeking information about marketing themselves. What problems do my target group have? What are the solutions? In your case you want to learn how to effectively market yourself. I can help you with that by offering you information to better do this.

What situations can elevator speeches be used in?
  • elevators of course
  • a line up at the bank
  • in a job interview, yes your interview responses are an elevator speech
  • at networking meetings
  • if you think of any other places let me know

So next time you are on the elevator elevate your communications to the next level. Use the elevator speech.


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