Friday, February 10, 2006

Create Positive Word of Mouth Through Free Speeches Part 2

So, now that you have booked your first speech, what do you do next. You need to plan your talk. I am going to give you some ideas about how to approach your speech.

  • You want to present the talk as an informational session. Avoid turning your talk into an extended sales pitch. The talk should present information that is interesting and useful. They should have information they can use at home such as how to do simple repairs if you are a repair service. When I gave these speeches I talk about information I want them to know like the effects and benefits of massage therapy, but I also give them information they can use at home such as how to do a self massage or a simple shoulder massage. The key is to be as generous as possible with your information. If they feel you are giving them information that they can use they will repay you by doing business with you.

  • Keep the information at a fairly basic level. I wouldn't talk about the physiology of massage. That information would probably be over the heads of my audience. Similarly if you are a computer expert you would not talk about processors and HTML unless you were at a computer users group.

  • Give clients handouts, flyers and business cards. You should have an information hand out or flyers that are interesting enough that clients may refer to again. A tip sheet based on the topic you have talked about would be great! Also give out fyers and business cards about your business if the group you are presenting to allows this. At the least they would most likely allow you to leave information out that participants can retrieve after your session.

  • The session should also be interactive by utilizing a flipchart to write down points from the audience. You could also do little exercises with participants such as splitting into groups to discuss topics or perform an exercise such as a role-play.

  • Finally have the participants fill in a feedback form at the end of your session, so that you can get feedback to grow on.

If you follow some of these points I have outlined you will be well on your way to becoming a speaker that becomes known and respected in your community.


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